Please complete the steps below to setup 2FA on your email account, This process does not setup email on your phone  and only uses your phone to "secure access" to your email using the authenticator app similar to CPOMS. 


For best results: 

  • Open this page on a computer.
  • Have your phone available in an area with phone signal.
  • Read through this document once before proceeding.

On your phone

Note: In this section if your phone camera app does not support QR Codes please search the app store for "Microsoft Authenticator". The following QR Codes are for ease of use and direct you to the correct app.

Scan the correct QR code using the camera on your phone to download the correct “Microsoft Authenticator” app on your phone. Once downloaded return to this page for further instructions. 

If your phone does not support QR Codes Please search the app stores for "Microsoft Authenticator" 

If you manually search please make sure the application is by "Microsoft Corporation" and not an advert for a different authenticator.




Once installed go to the following link on your Laptop/Desktop 


  1. Go to and Sign in to your account 
  2. Add your mobile number and verify by clicking save. You’ll be sent a code to your phone.
    • Set the 1st option to "Authentication Phone"
    • Enter phone number
    • Send me a code by text message 

  3. Once number is verified, you can now add an authenticator app.
    If there are no Authenticator apps registered. click "+ Add sign-in method"


    During the process you will use the Authenticator app on your phone, Click sign in to school/work account and then press SCAN QR Code button.

    Scan the QR Code from the setup screen Authenticator app screen and not the QR code on this page Follow the remaining steps on the phone. 


  4. Once the authenticator app is setup, go back to  on your laptop/desktop (which should still be open) and verify there is an authenticator app setup and the box is ticked as below.


  5. At the top of the page set your default sign-in method to “Microsoft Authenticator” using the "change button"

You should now be ready to use the Authenticator app. you can return to at anytime to update your settings.

Bonus Feature

Why not try passwordless login for your email? click "Enable Phone Sign-in" in the Microsoft Authenticator to enable. This reduces the need to enter your password when accessing your account online. This works really well with FaceID.

You can disable Phone sign in at any time.