If you have a new mobile phone remember to setup 2FA on your new device before resetting your old device.
This also applies to personal 2Fa such as Banking apps, Google authenticator, Steam etc.

You will not be able to migrate "CPOMS Authenticator" please contact itsupport to reset your account.


On your new phone

  1. Download the “Microsoft Authenticator” app on your phone. 
    Once downloaded return to this email for further instructions. 

1.     Use your phone camera to Scan the QR code below or search for Microsoft Authenticator on the App store for your device.






2.    Once installed open Microsoft Authenticator on your new device. Sign into your School/Work account.

3.    Respond to the Microsoft authenticator notification on your old device.

4.    You will now be able to authenticate logins on the new device.

5.    Once you have migrated all other accounts to your new device you may reset the device to factory settings.

6.    If you have a new number go to https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info + Sign in to your account  Add your New mobile number (if applicable) and verify by clicking save. You’ll be sent a code to your phone.